A Pug With A Stroller – Cute Animal Video

HA HA HA Jenny the Pug pushes her Nintendog Pug dollies around Portland, Oregon. Pointless, cute and funny!

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4 Responses to A Pug With A Stroller – Cute Animal Video

  1. Kathy! Thank you so much for your cmenmots! Listen, I don't have a clue how to add you to the blog list. I think when you leave a cmenmot, you should get a tiny box to check if you'd like to subscribe (I would LOVE FOR YOU TO SUBSCRIBE and I promise not to bombard you). If this doesn't work, let me know, and I will find an adolescent male to fix the problem for me.

  2. I actually found this more ennittaering than James Joyce.

  3. The lag scenario is very true. If shots aren't timed just right on MM/SV, your DPS will sufefr, more so on SV than MM though just because you have to time shots with Lock and Load. BM can be very effective given the right situation. I was listening to Brigwyn's podcast a couple weeks ago, and his ultimate message is that hunters are a utility class and this is very clearly shown on a fight like Deathbringer Saurfang. Marks and Survival hunters may have issues with this fight because their pets can't keep the Blood Beasts busy long enough in most cases to prevent them from attacking the range. DPS numbers aren't always where it's at, but if we're in a situation where the numbers are needed, we need to be able to push them. Festergut is a hardcore DPS check. If your DPS aren't pushing enough, you will wipe every time. Rotface really isn't so bad, it's more about spatial awareness. Putricide is a mashup between the two, especially on phase 3, so in those cases, you need to be the best of both worlds. For Blood Princes you can forget your DPS, as you'll be playing Beachball and hitting the boss is a secondary objective. As you know, I raid Marks because of preference, and ultimately because of DPS. I do progression raiding, so I have to have the best possible spec for the content we're raiding. Yes, I've respec'd by fight before based on need (like General Vezax in Ulduar because the extra replenish was needed). Based on meters, I'm typically in the top 5, based on the fight only being beaten out by Rogues, Mages, maybe a Boomkin and the best geared Ret Paladin on my server. Do I expect everyone to be able to do that? No. Why? It takes practice, and Marks isn't for everyone. If you do better BM do it. Just know you might get left out of things if people misuse gearscore, and believe everything they read on the internet.

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