Ganguro Make Up By Gloria

I just learned about Ganguro (Black Face Girls) that is a japanese fashion style which characterises in very heavy make up, dark foundation, white eyes and lips and bleached hair, totally kawaiiiiiii.

Anyway, here is a very entertaning video made by Gloria from the states who shows how to apply all 3 tons of make up. Prepare for a bit dirty language ha ha.

Maby Ill try this out for halloween :)

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7 Responses to Ganguro Make Up By Gloria

  1. layla

    ur fat and ugly mate

  2. Jo*

    Hy, tnx for this tutorial,
    it really helped me for a "haloween" party that we
    in eurpo have in february!!

  3. Alice

    I don't understand how that style of make up is 'totally kawaiiiii'. I think it looks horrible. Why would someone do that to themselves when they can look beautiful and natural without it?

    • Well that style is one of the early Japanese kawaii styles. To try to explain why it could be considered kawaii, look at the make up which gives big almost cartoon eyes, which is one of the core things about what makes something kawaii. It is extreme, yes, but there is really very little "normal" and "natural" in kawaii fashion, in my opinion.

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