Hello Kitty USB From Mimobot

So as you may have noticed I posted a poll about what you readers want to see more of here at Hawaii Kawaii. If you haven't voted yet you can in the column to the right ——->. Hello Kitty is at the moment in the lead with 4 votes, so to prove that I listen to you I here by present another Hello Kitty post:

Hello Kitty USB flash drives from Mimobot

I have written before about Mimobot (see here) and their cute flash drives but now they have released a series of Hello Kitty flash drives to die for.

Mimobot, I command you to send me one NOW!

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2 Responses to Hello Kitty USB From Mimobot

  1. Oh, they're so funny, aren't they? And your cat has that look in his eye, like don't even think about it! My last cat used to sit on the sofa on the top cushion, on the very same spot every time, until there was a big old dent there. It's still there!Or one time, ahtoner cat used to leap into the laundry basket. One day, when I saw him there, I put my toddler granddaughter in with him and snapped a photo. It's one of my favorites.

    • Yeah, not too worried thgouh as the former owners of our new home are leaving their 4 chickens, 1 guinea, 1 (8 yr. old) dog, 4 cats, and a cow! The cow we will be housing for the other family till slaughter time (in Oct.) or buying it from them not too sure what we will be doing yet.

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