Ian Summers Magic Mushrooms – Nerd Fashion

He he… Toad dealing dope with Mario. You can find more Nintendo blog posts here: Nintendo Candy, Mushrooms And Zelda Shield BoxesPrincess Peach Tattoo – Perfect Nintendo TattoosSuper Mario ♥ Totoro.

magic mushrooms super mario nintendo ian summers

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3 Responses to Ian Summers Magic Mushrooms – Nerd Fashion

  1. Glad you enjoyed them Dario! This was poetsd over a month before the leaked .ppt, and I won't be editing the post to account for any new information. I'm interested to see which of these predictions are cherry picked for fruition and which are destined to live on as pipe dreams!With regards to PS2 and Original Xbox titles, I think you'll see that generation firmly in the rear view mirror. Getting the emulation right, especially on modern architecture, would take a lot of time and effort (see: money) when expectations are high on next generation visuals and experiences. Heck, you probably won't see backwards compatibility between Gen 3 and Gen 4 consoles, let alone Gen 2.

  2. Umi

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