Rabbit USB Handwarmers – Kawaii Computer Gadgets

Ha ha ha…. rabbit USB handwarmers, is there really a need for this on the market? I actually worked in a pretty chilly office once but I solved it with a cardigan. Do you have a problem with freezing hands in the office?

Anyway if you feel that you just have to get them here is where you should go!

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4 Responses to Rabbit USB Handwarmers – Kawaii Computer Gadgets

  1. Really good and pretty article. I have problem with freezing hands in the office. Good computer gadgets. Thanks for the article.

  2. I had to quit putting tnseil on our Christmas cause my Siamese would eat it. (God rest her soul). Didn't know she was eating it till I saw a small piece of poo swinging back and forth from her butt, hanging off the tnseil. Hope the litty in the video is okay.

  3. That monster is amnizag and what a great idea! If I had any sewing ability whatsoever, I would attempt it! But, Alas, I do not! Oh well, I will just admire your creation!!:)

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