Rilakkuma Wines – Kawaii Crazy

Ohhhh!!! Kawaii wine!!! Rilakkuma Wines with matching glasses…

Because of earlier proffesion in wines I never buy these kinds of wines, I belive they have to much fokus on the "brand" and not the quality of the wine. You end up paying alot of money for having for exaple Elvis on the label and get a wine not worth the money to drink. But with these wines maby I could make an exeption :)

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5 Responses to Rilakkuma Wines – Kawaii Crazy

  1. Shannon

    Hi! Can i know where to get this? As my friend is getting married and so i plan to buy this for her! :)

  2. Sathi

    Is admin alive?

  3. Sathi

    admin is alive?

  4. Jewewl

    may be not

  5. Sankar

    what should we do?

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