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I found a really great blog today, Tokyo Bunnie. This gorgeous kawaii grafitti was posted there and I'm now following Tokyo Bunnie in my reader.

Kawaii grafitti karolie

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4 Responses to Tokyo Bunnie Kawaii Blog

  1. Still slinging that tofu aye buds? ; ) One day I will sumibt to the iron deficient siren song of the vegetarians and enlightened. Bunnie has already enacted her stealthy ploy over the years and has me craving vegan bakery goods for which there are no substitutes. You amuse me. I feel for your plight as a fellow American who is hustling to bring home the bacon. Oops. Sorry. But give up CHEESE-keep writing and I'll keep reading and eating it. I laughed out loud on occasion and shook my head in sympathy and recognition. What more could a writer want but that? Aside from a paycheck. Btw my brilliant nitwit friend, my fake name is AVA. I think you should put more photos up on your blog and showcase mine because they are miracles in black and white.A

  2. thanks, deanna. this is just a start. i will try to add new posts every 2-3 weeks. my road to veagnism will not dominated the blog. at least that's not my intention. there are many things to write about though it does appear that i am getting more political in my old age. that surprises me. it's the bunnie effect.

  3. Guy Fucking Richie?Oh honey — the needle on the Respect-O-Meter just dropped into the basement for you.What did it for you — the ridiculous co-opting of the kilt just to make a fashion statement, or the entire 115 minutes of Swept Away?.Madonna and Richie are truly the perfect couple; both of them are human triumphs of style over substance.

  4. Yo Brother Eric:This is AMAZING! How come you didn't write like this in High School?All I can say is if you want to be inspired in this dcitieron, you better get your rear over here fast. Jerusalem is the place where you will find you not exactly staring at G-d Himself (we've already noted that this could be dangerous), but the next best thing the Old City and the Temple Mount. People from all over the world, Jews and Gentiles, come here to get inspiration.Let me know when your coming, buddy I'll even pick you up at the airport -Best,Jay, a.k.a. ????? ??? ???????.

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