Chicki Jewelry And Kawaii Mirror

These cute and colorful Firefly jewelry pieces and a Scrummyland mirror just arrived from kawaii shop Chicki. I loooove the bright colors, they all looks like they were made out of candy, yum yum. A necklace (wich you can also wear as a bracelet) and two cute bracelets, and four Chupa Chups lollipops. The mirror is so cute with a kawaii cupcake, it will be perfect in my handbag. Visit Chicki for all kawaii jewelry, bags, accesories and more… here!

Chicki Jewelry And Kawaii MirrorChicki Jewelry And Kawaii Mirror


Chicki Jewelry And Kawaii Mirror

Here is me wearing it for my friday candy outfit ^^

Chicki Jewelry And Kawaii Mirror
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  1. J-VO – Amazing! I want to shout from the mountain tops I love Kacy Kizer, feromrly Kacy Jo!!! Damn girl, you know how to work a camera. You captured me smiling with my eyes (shout out to Tyra Banks!) perfectly :) Thank you!!!

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