Doughnut Bracelet – Kawaii Jewelry

Ha ha ha … how cute, a doughnut bracelet. Anyone know where to get them?
Doughnut Bracelet

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7 Responses to Doughnut Bracelet – Kawaii Jewelry

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  3. priscilla

    hey there all you kawaii lovers,i was just wondering did any one figure out where to get that cute kawaii doughnut bangle from?OR maybe it can be made….like with polymer clay or fabric or maybe even out of use a bangle mold then just add the frosting and the sprinkles! but let me know if you know where to get the one in the picture.

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  6. Chiki

    So Cuuuute!! ^0^

    I love your t-shirt too!! Where did you buy this?? (sorry for my english, i'm french ^^" )

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