Kawaii Characters: Onsen Manju Kun

Onsen Manju Kun are Japanese kawaii charactes and it means something like 'steamed beans jam bun'. I couldn't find very much more information about them but they sure are yummy cute. More kawaii characters here: Kawaii Character: Kireizukin Seikatsu.
Onsen Manju Kun Kawaii Character
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10 Responses to Kawaii Characters: Onsen Manju Kun

  1. kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….. ^_^

    • yeap they have custard or diff frolavs like chocolate inside. the leaf on his head tells u the flavour.This is a tiny place in toyko, my flatmate went there this year and was raving about the pastries! Aparently the shop is TINY with only enough space for a few visitors.

    • I love Mika Nakashima, since her turn in the NANA movies. The cool-rock-chic image suits her very well, so I'm sad to see her leave the Kate ads.

    • Hey,schoen von dir zu hoeren, hier ist alles okay.Haben fuer die Nacht ein Zimmer. Gesundheitlich geht es so einsregmaisen. Chris hat Sonnenstich und ich reagiere doch ein bisschen allergisch auf meine Mueckenstiche, leider. Aber wir kommen mit allem klar. Freuen uns ueber jeden Kommentar, danke

    • annual trek to Brentwood (Contra Costa County) for cherry picnikg (see my last year's post, got cherries?!, and my love-hate relationship with pops ). a0This year we planned to hit our usual farm, Pease Ranch, but unfortunately got an email the

  2. Rosemary

    hi, I just wanted to ask, were did you find all those lovely Manju's?, I've been looking for them everywhere but I cannot find them, any help??, thanks:)

  3. Daniel

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  4. Ameu

    Wow! Theese are incredibly cute! Where could I buy them at? I would REALLY appreciate it if you could tell me. Thanks a bunch!~
    -Ameu xoxo!

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