Kawaii Keyboard Stickers

Kawaiify your boring keyboard with these keyboard stickers from Modes.

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11 Responses to Kawaii Keyboard Stickers

  1. Ophélie

    Coucou, je voudrais savoir si on pouvait l'acheter ? et à quel prix ?
    Traduction: Hello, I wonder if you can buy, where to buy and at what price?

  2. Ophélie

    Yet when I click on the image it takes me back to the same page: (Could you give me the link directly please?

  3. Ophélie

    Thank you for the link:) But I wanted to buy it but it is not available )':

  4. Ophélie

    Are you kidding me here? Because I really wanted to buy it! It is you who make sales? You know when it becomes available? But if I bother you tell it …

    • I do not really understand what you meant by that? I have only posted this in my blog, if you want any more info I suggest you contact the shop. I was only expressing my concern about you finding the stickers.

  5. Ophélie

    I'm sorry but my English is not good ^-^ At first I thought it was you who sold them :)

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