Rainbow Cake With Frosting And Sprinkles

Another yummy rainbow cake… it look totally delishious! UPDATE: Picture credit to PG.

See more rainbow cakes here: Rainbow Cake Again,Rainbow CakeDreamy Rainbow Cupcake.

Rainbow Cake

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10 Responses to Rainbow Cake With Frosting And Sprinkles

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  2. johanna

    oh i love it ! ;0) too much fun to say no! not enough time in the world to marvel at beauty

  3. Erika

    How did you make this???

  4. ♀flavia...

    hi!!Beautiful cake…umm

  5. Fashionbunny

    does anyone have the recipe for that ?!?!?!?! looks so yummy

  6. Maryann

    This picture belongs to :

    Ask this person how to make it…

  7. Maryann

    Your welcome. I saw his picture there and his comments and wanted to help. :)

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