StumbleUpon Kawaii Team?

I usually don't do blog posts about blog traffic but there is a first for everything, right? I know that all of you darlings that visit Hawaii Kawaii are awesome bloggers and internet gurus and I wanted to ask you if you use the sharing site StumbleUpon? I have learned that you can get good traffic from StumbleUpon and I have tried for a while but I can't seem to get that boost I was after.

So, now I want to invite you all to become my StumbleUpon friends and we can help each other and promote each others blog posts. Let's share all our kawaii love with the world, and get lots of traffic : )
I will promote all my Stumble friends stories if you do the same for me (exception, I won't promote any violence or offesive stuff). How about it?
Be my StumbleUpon friend here!
Show the world some kawaii love. Share!
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