Todays Hairdo – Me And My Red Hair

Todays hair… made with pin curles that I brushed through and then some spray after that.

Todays Hairdo

Todays Hairdo

Todays Hairdo

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6 Responses to Todays Hairdo – Me And My Red Hair

  1. Isabelle

    Oh my! I really love your beautiful red hair! It really highlights your eyes!

  2. Dora Rudas

    Hy! Your red hair is beautiful!!!
    How did you reach that shadow? Which brand and what is the name of the shadow? :) I'm really curious!!
    Have a lovely day!

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  4. Electic and fun with pops of color here and there. I envison that is how you live! Happy new week to you my freind.A warm hug,P.S Erik hoerde av sig. Verkar hel noejd men vill ha naagra re-take. Fick du mail med?

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