Angel Wing Sandals – Kawaii Shoes

Cute angel wing shoes. I know they are clearly a Vivienne Westwood knock off but I find them really cute anyway. I would go for the blue or the black ones and you can find them here!

Blue Angel Wing Sandal Shoes Vivienne WestwoodCute Angel Wing Sandal Shoes Vivienne WestwoodCute Black Angel Wing Sandal Shoes

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5 Responses to Angel Wing Sandals – Kawaii Shoes

  1. Boden Coupon

    Wow!!!! These sandals are so beautiful, especially the blue one will attract many attentions. With the vintage style become more and more chic,the platform shoes are also very popular in this summer. The design is so unique, I believe many girls will love them.

  2. It's so pitty the summer is over right here, i would love to wear them!!

  3. Wow, those are so cute. The blue ones are my favorite, but that's because I love blue! Super cute.

  4. siti aisyah

    how to buy this sandal

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