Animal Footprint Sandals – Kawaii Shoes

How sweet are these animal footprint sandals. I would have loved these when I was a kid. They are sold and designed by Japanese toy company Kukkika.
Animal Footprint Japanese Sandals Kawaii ShoesAnimal Footprint Japanese Kawaii SandalsAnimal Footprint Japanese Sandals Kawaii Shoes

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9 Responses to Animal Footprint Sandals – Kawaii Shoes

  1. You find the most adorable things!! The dinosaur ones rule :)

  2. So funny because I watched Pee Wee on Broadway, and he designed those

  3. Ohhhhhhh my god!! I need these so much!!

  4. amazing! I wanna it! :D

  5. Yeah, they are so adorable!

  6. AH, i've been looking for a place to buy these after seeing them on tumblr! Thank you!!

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