Back To School Kawaii Giveaway At Chicki

The kawaii store Chicki recently announced a really fun and creative giveaway Back To School Giveaway. You enter by designing a school uniform and your submission can be in the format of your choosing. So a drawing will do fine and anything else to :) The prizes will be over £100 worth of kawaii products, woooah…. so get designing everyone! Here are my favourite products from the Chicki back to school fall selection:

Kawaii bags Miffy Tokidoki and Kawaii Stationary Rilakkuma and Tenshi-Neko

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5 Responses to Back To School Kawaii Giveaway At Chicki

  1. Awesome!! I definately going to trie to desgin something! Love this giveaway!

  2. These are so cute! I love all of the critter designs! :-)

  3. Lucy

    soo cute! : D i'm working on my design right now! : D

    • Kelly Ann – Kacy thank you these are AWESOME! Pete & I had a lot of fun with these and were so tickled that you were hanvig fun (I think/hope!) as well.Kim, hehe, we're very quirky. (Shots with the non-functioning water fountains, oh dear)


    That is very revelatory read!!!

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