Back To School Kawaii Giveaway At Chicki

The kawaii store Chicki recently announced a really fun and creative giveaway Back To School Giveaway. You enter by designing a school uniform and your submission can be in the format of your choosing. So a drawing will do fine and anything else to :) The prizes will be over £100 worth of kawaii products, woooah…. so get designing everyone! Here are my favourite products from the Chicki back to school fall selection:

Kawaii bags Miffy Tokidoki and Kawaii Stationary Rilakkuma and Tenshi-Neko

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7 Responses to Back To School Kawaii Giveaway At Chicki

  1. Awesome!! I definately going to trie to desgin something! Love this giveaway!

  2. These are so cute! I love all of the critter designs! :-)

  3. Lucy

    soo cute! : D i'm working on my design right now! : D

    • Kelly Ann – Kacy thank you these are AWESOME! Pete & I had a lot of fun with these and were so tickled that you were hanvig fun (I think/hope!) as well.Kim, hehe, we're very quirky. (Shots with the non-functioning water fountains, oh dear)

      • …"…we now live in a warren of boxes so lanniiythrbe that we must carry flags around with us lest we get lost…"……perhaps things really aren't going well for bsnyc/rtms/wcrm……perhaps these are cryptic messages telling us that he & the family are now living in packing containers hidden in the bushes in central park……perhaps those 'views' he speaks of are really photos on 'give away' calenders for the new year, tacked up on the cardboard walls……damn, now i'm concerned…i'm betting those big cheques from lance aren't coming in anymore, so things might be worse than snob's letting on……just wonderin'…

    • I say I say there I am about to go all Rhode Island Red and peck this Agri-Hipsters eyes out if she does not quit PULLING ME OFF SALT HEN PEPPA when I about to get my squirt on. Hell it only takes 8 scdnoes I SAY I SAY let me ride that thing 8 scdnoes. IT'S A JOKE, SON! DO YA GET JOKES?


    That is very revelatory read!!!

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