Basset With A Wig

Basset Dog With A Blond Wig
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7 Responses to Basset With A Wig

  1. Wahahahahahaha, this picture is awesome!!!

  2. Iris

    Ohh…He/she is crazy:,D!

    • I agree. I have not seen much with her natural look. I am not sure if her drdaes were natural when she first started her singing career. It seems once you're a natural, you tend to notice other naturals out there. Where I volunteer, I tend to see other black females wearing a natural hair look. I want to run and tap them on the shoulder to introduce myself. It is even beautiful when it is a worldwide decision. Yeah I think EB likes to produce controversial music as well as her being in the world. Her latest video raised some eyebrows according to the article I read. I looked at the vid that they said she got nude in the area of John F. Kennedy's assassination. People are known to make their mark in the world by doing what they feel is in any means necessary. I think she can be quite daring. I just love her voice. I had a vid of her singing on my blog but the main site removed it. I've seen her in a local concert performance. She lights up incense, rocks the Ankh cross, and gets deep in her soul to let out of this beautiful music.

    • Deanna,I see you access to the inrentet again :)Both my children had to try it on when I was done. It actually fit my youngest pretty well. She might wear it for crazy hair day.If you decide to make one, it's easy to adjust the pattern to make the hair length and bangs shorter.

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