Blue Frosting Donut With Sprinkles

Woooahhh it is SO blue…. I bet you would get a blue tongue if eating it! See more donut posts here: Donut CakeHello Kitty Donut Bag & WalletDoughnut Bracelet – Kawaii JewelryBlue Vanilla Doughnuts.

A super blue frosting Donut with sprinkles

(pic via kawaiiful)

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Filed under Dessert, Kawaii Food

7 Responses to Blue Frosting Donut With Sprinkles

  1. Cherry

    Looks super sweet<3!

  2. Yummmmmmm!! De-li-cious!!

  3. bea

    hello hunger pangs!! they look soooo good!

  4. poppydolly091

    JUST went to the Sugar Bunny shop. I love it there!!!!!!!
    (I also love it here)

  5. I am the creator and copyright holder for this image. The image is incorrectly attributed to kawaiiful. The image was taken from my flickr page without my authorization. Please correctly credit me for the photo and link back to its original link on flickr or remove the image.

    I sent this information to you via email back on May 3, 2013 and you have not responded to the email or corrected the situation. The simple solution is to credit me for the photo and provide a link back to original post on flickr. I provided you with the link to the original post in the email I sent you. Please correct this situation ASAP, otherwise I will have to issue a DMCA notice through your Site Host.

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