Bow Heaven At Snowbella – Kawaii Accessories

The bows from Snowbella looks just so cute and perfect. I want one in each color. Which is your favorite?

Pink Kid Headband Bow Kawaii CuteRed Bow hair band piece KawaiiKawaii Accessories Black Bow hair clip Victorian style

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7 Responses to Bow Heaven At Snowbella – Kawaii Accessories

  1. I'd get the pink one :3

  2. Now that is a cute bow!

  3. Iris

    Very pretty<3!

    Sorry, my own computer don`t work with Hawaii Kawaii! I can`t comment anymore and this site looks so strange… Now I use other computer and I hope, that the problem goes away as soon as possible!

    But…Have a lovely day,

  4. ooo me want the pink one!

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