Brass Knuckles Handbag – Cute Fashion

Ohhh this handbag is so cool, you can get one of these at kawaii shop Sassy'NPunk.
Pink and Black Brass Knuckles Handbag

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5 Responses to Brass Knuckles Handbag – Cute Fashion

  1. saleena gallagoes

    hello, how do i get the brass knuckles handbag??? i gotta have it!!!

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  4. pessimistic

    You might want to read HRS 134-51 before buying this!!! FYI HRS 134-51 makes it illegal to possess "metal knuckles" . More importantly anyone found to be in possession of same is subject to "immediate arrest". I suspect it would really suck to have a really cool bag cause its owner to be thrown in jail by some over zealous rookie cop looking to make his/her monthly quota of arrests!!!! Note that I have not researched the definition of "metal knuckles" to see if it includes non-metal copies as well. Most states that prohibit possession of brass knuckles also prohibit those made of plastic, carbon fiber, etc. I also know that the Hawaii appellate court has ruled that knuckles made out of WOOD qualified as a deadly weapon! (Of course the wooden knuckles also had sharks teeth embedded in it as well)! forewarned is forearmed !

    • Andrew,Call the criminal dioivisn at SF Superior Court and tell them you want to file a personal criminal complaint. Here's the contact info:Criminal Operations850 Bryant Street Room 101(415) 551-0651MAKE SURE YOU ENTER AN APPEARANCE IN ALL THE CASES! You can't do it online. Call that number and tell them you want to ENTER AN APPEARANCE. That way, everything that happens in the case, you will be notified, and if you aren't notified, you can appeal whatever is ruled. Also ask them if there is a Victim's Rights office. We have Victims Rights here in Connecticut. They will help you push the case to the full extent of the law.You have to do this to make protesting and public appearnace safer for all of us. They need to know that we will follow the case and do everything possible to make them DO TIME.

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