Brownies On A Stick With Frosting And Sprinkles

What a great way to cutify your brownies, I love the different kinds of sprinkles and frosting, very pretty!
Brownies as ice cream pops with colorful frosting and sprinkles
(via Food Yah)

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11 Responses to Brownies On A Stick With Frosting And Sprinkles

  1. Those look scrumptious, especially the ones that have the star sprinkles.

  2. This just brightened up my day! That entire tumblr is beautifully delicious ^^

  3. Jacci

    these look way too good to eat!

  4. Wow! Do those brownies ever look yummy! The colors are so festive and pretty! My mouth is watering! :-)

  5. I don't want … I NEED!


  7. those brownie pops are absolutely amazing! I HAVE to make some! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love your blogs!!!!!!

  9. Sankar

    I want to write in this site

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