Candy Cane Christmas Nails

Cutify your nails for Christmas. I think these candy cane nails are adorable! Update: I got the picture source for the second design wrong, the credit should go to Chloe's Nails who made the design. Sorry about that!

Candy Cane nails Christmas Nails Kawaii Nail Blog
Candy Cane Nails Red And White Christmas Nails Kawaii Nail BlogChristmas Candy Cane Nails Kawaii Blog
(pic sources 1,2,3)

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7 Responses to Candy Cane Christmas Nails

  1. I love the second one. I just have to find the right colors to make it perfect.

    <3 thanks and check out my website and leave a comment.

  2. Elly

    I like the 2nd one its pretty and it looks easy now i just need to find the right color

  3. Grace ( love you )

    i like the second one but ….¬˼¬ can u please make a video how to do this pleaseee … ^___^

  4. Delphi

    The second nail design was done originally by Erika whose blog is Chloe's Nails (named after her daughter). This design was NOT done by this blog. The picture was stolen and credit not given. See for the actual blog with the original design.

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