Cat Iphone Cases With Cat Appeal

These pictures just warms my heart. What a great idea to let the cat model cat Iphone cases. You can buy the zipper cats at Tokyo Inspired.

Cat and iphone case cuddeling

Cat iphone zipper case cuddeling 2

Cat and iphone case cuddeling 3

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8 Responses to Cat Iphone Cases With Cat Appeal

  1. oh my gosh, they are so cute!! Love the Hello Kitty ones too, I want them for my torch!!

  2. OK, you totally got me with ALL of the darling kitties. Thanks for making my morning!

  3. OMG I love it hehe I really want one now hehe

  4. SwissSushi

    Love the handmade Tokyo Inspired covers. I love to support artists. Think I will buy one and tell my friends.

  5. this is just SO freaking cute!!!! I want one, well actually both the kitty and the zippy pouch :D

  6. Aqua

    the 1st pic is so cute

  7. Froggie

    I love theese pics they are so adorible

    I would love one!! GIVE ME ONE

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