Chococat Cookies – Kawaii Baking

Mmmm chocolate Chococat cookies… Previous kawaii cookies on Hawaii Kawaii can be seen here: Kawaii CookiesPanda Cookies.
Chococat chocolate cookies.
(via Hello Kitty!)

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16 Responses to Chococat Cookies – Kawaii Baking

  1. Jacci

    yum! i want those!

  2. thats it…im gonna start baking more…and buy a lot of cookie cutters!

  3. Yummy! So cute! =D

  4. YumYum!! Love it!! Almost to cute to eat! ;(

  5. Aja

    I want to bake some character cookies next, lol!

  6. I wish I had awesome cake and cookie decorating skills.

  7. Chococat is my favorite! He is so cute! :-)

  8. those are sooo cute I need to try to make them!

  9. Nom nom nom. Cute!

  10. Adorable. I love these. The world needs more cute food I think.

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  12. maaike

    wel thats just awesome.

  13. :)

    Do you have the recipe of this cookie, it is awesome!!

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