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I am very sorry to inform you that I have lost about 7000 comments when I moved Hawaii Kawaii to Wordpress. I am still working on retrieving them but it is not looking promising at the moment. I am sorry for all of you lovely people who commented alot and to compensate a little I have installed a blog comment feature to give you something back when you comment. It is called Comment Luv and it gives you a link to your latest blog post for each new comment you make.

Furthermore I have a new top commenters widget, in the left column. It shows the avatars of the 9 top commenters of the month. If you have any suggestions on new features to improve Hawaii Kawaii let me know so I can make a better blog :)

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6 Responses to Comment Luv & New Comment Features

  1. I like your new features! Sorry you've had such a challenge with making the move. It's always harder to make changes than to continue doing the same thing, but it's usually worth it! :-)

  2. Back when I was a blogger I used WordPress, it's so awesome! You can literally do ANYTHING with it and it's so easy to use, plus there are sweet pluggins available. heh.

  3. It doesn't matter for those who followed/follwing you, the kow how dedicated you are, no worries! Love the new features! You go!

  4. Jo

    Never fear, your faithful blogging friends are always near.

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