Crocheted Accessories From Pixelated

I never knew crocheted accessories could look this cute and fancy. All from Etsy shop Pixelated.

Purple Bear Ears hatCrocheted green chain necklaceMint green crocheted hair band with a bow

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10 Responses to Crocheted Accessories From Pixelated

  1. oooow,they look so awesome, i love the necklace, but euh,…also the hat, and the bow tooooooo!

  2. Oh! I want that chain necklace! Nice! ^w^

  3. Sugarraindrops

    These are all so pretty! I love the hat!

  4. catcrowley

    I love the necklace, but what I really want to know is where that wig came from I <3 it

  5. I am with catwrowley, those wings really steal the show.

  6. @catcrowley @Pixie True that!

  7. Wow, thanks for the feature Hawaii Kawaii!

    And for all those interested, the amazing wigs are Cosplay Wigs from Japan, that are easily purchased from ebay! They are lovely quality, and quite inexpensive….just search for Cosplay wigs!

    Glad you like my stuff…

    Pixie x

  8. courtney ann

    so cute!!!
    if i wore that my friends would hate me HA HA!

  9. LOVE your art! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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