Cupcake Beanies – Cute Fashion?

Cupcake hats… I do not know cute or ugly? I would love to see a picture of someone wearing one. Previous kawaii hats on Hawaii Kawaii can be seen here: Party Hats Cats, Panda Hat, Sweet Lolita Hats.

Knitted pink, brown and white beanies

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20 Responses to Cupcake Beanies – Cute Fashion?

  1. MegaMi May

    Cute on a kid, but if I saw it on a adult… :-/
    More creepy than cute.

  2. They're kind of cute, but I don't think they would look good on me =P

  3. DeborahMilan

    VeRyyy cute .. but I think I wouldnt stop laughing at myself if I wore it xD

  4. i thiiiink cute… but depends what you wear with it. Probably would look more cute on a kid.

  5. Yeah, I think I agree with you all. Cute on a kid, maby not realistic on an adult :)

  6. Lulu

    Hur sött som helst, lätt att man kan få huvudet uppkäkat ;P Till den yngre publiken dock…tror jag :D

  7. I think there really cute! I think there the type of thing that won't suit everyone but if you can pull it off then it'll look awesome!

  8. Infact I would wear the white one just because :P!

  9. so freaking cute! I like.

  10. The are so funny, but i don't thinkk i would wear it >_<

  11. agree with the folks who think it's cute for kids…in adults, probably unsettling

  12. Owlie

    they are.. terrible!!! :P

  13. SarcasticTee

    I don't have these ones but two friends of mine have a cute hat business and my mom ordered a hot pink cupcake hat for me for this past xmas. My baby niece has a purple one. It probably looks cuter on her, but I like to think I rock mine too :) and I'm 24. I guess you just have to be silly or eccentric enough to wear it. :) If you love cupcakes enough, or just silly hats, and don't care if people think you look silly then go for it.

  14. Koi

    It wouldn't look bad if an adult wore it, or even wrong. Just…unusual, that's all :P But I think these hats are mostly for kids.

  15. 07 Dec 21, 2008 19:48 For noen lekre tf8fler !!! de var bare skjf8nne : ) lager du pe5 bestilling ? Eller deler du fmgsganerme5ten ; ) Superlekre var de ijallefall.Flink du er. d8nsker deg en riktig god jul : )

  16. 03 Dec 21, 2008 16:58 Men se5e5 sf6ta sme5 tofflor! Te4nk om man kunde ha se5dana sje4lv .. men de e4r ff6rste5s inte lika sf6ta i steorlk 40 ;-)Kram Lotten

  17. Thank you for sharing your spiecal gift with us.Your professional and artistic style and attitude has produced fantastic candid photographs of my granddaughter Kyla which everyone has loved. Can't wait to see all the pics.

  18. They're kind of cute, but I don't think they would look good on me

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