Cupcake Nails – Kawaii Beauty

I must try these cupcake nails. I doesn't look that hard…  Have any of you tried?

cupcake nails in bright colors
(pic source)

Cupcake Frosting Nails Tutorial
Check out the short cupcake nails tutorial for these here.

Pink Cupcake nail polish design
(pic source)

Cute cupcake nails in blue and pink
(pic source)

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20 Responses to Cupcake Nails – Kawaii Beauty

  1. i love the first one! so cute!

  2. Cute cupcake nails *3* ooh!

  3. Lovely!Can't choooooose!! them all!

  4. Amazing!!! Cute Cute Cuteee ;)

  5. oh yum yum! this looks so cute! I need to try this!

  6. I tried these once and constanly got compliments on them! And it really is quite easy, and cute ^^

  7. wahhh . . . the design are all so kawaii!!
    i will try the third nail design from you :D

  8. Ahhhh! These nails are so hard to get right!! Check this out:

  9. those are the CUTEST nails ever!

  10. My two favourite things: nails and cupcakes :)))

  11. love love love them hehe I want to try them too!

  12. Ahh! I love them all! So trying this tomorrow.


  14. Gem

    I've done cupcake nails on myself before and I've made a few sets to give to friends, they're so much easier than they look!!
    Love this blog btw xx

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  16. There so cute, and on the first day some guy at school called me!

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