Cute Girl – Kawaii Girls

I just thought she was so cute, had to post this picture. Love the hairdo and the oversized glasses. I am So bored with my own hair right now, maby I will cut bangs… what do you think? Do you like bangs?

Cute Girl with bun and bangs hairdo and cute specs
(pic source seramuun)
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2 Responses to Cute Girl – Kawaii Girls

  1. Ailah Eunice Dabu

    can i have your pictures coz ur so cute

  2. *v* me too,gOnna cUt mAh hAir this weEkend fOr a nEw LoOk… mAybE it'll sUit yOu as weLL…thEre's nO wrOng oF tryiNg… *v*

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