Cute Girl In Blue Haired Wig

OMG, I love her… I have to get a blue wig.
Cute Girl In Blue Hair Wig

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9 Responses to Cute Girl In Blue Haired Wig

  1. yukiko
    They sell custom wigs and they have that haircolour. ;)

  2. My hair is that color! I actually posted a couple of photos on my blog today! I dyed it, though…no wig for me!

    • maybe it was the the security guard's accciplmoe, like the one person leaves the bag in the car, once they see the woman's gone to get help, security guard comes over, and shoves her in the car and drives off. my guess is far fetched, i know, but hey! i liked the pasta though. Comment by schmokeeey on November 27, 2012 at 3:47 am

    • ok i studied cemlotosogy and i have a license so i should be of help if you dont want to bleach then youre gonna have to do it the hard way star using lighter and lighter dyes like start with a medium brown then a dark blonde and so till you get the color you want it takes time but its the only way to get from dark brown to blonde without damage in your hair unless your hair is still a virgin if thats the case being a blonde should be a piece of cake just buy the blonde you want and use a 30 or 40 peroxide hope i helped =)

  3. Samantha

    Ciao!!!I love your blog!!!
    Can you post a room tour because i love all the kawaii things and you room is soo kawaii!


  4. That blue wig DOES look fun! :-)

  5. Owwwww~~~! >__< Seeing this makes me want to change my haircolour so badly! I'm so boring at the moment……. mah…

  6. Koi

    My hair is like a small, poofy afro…it's so dry that if you tug on one of the strands upwards it'll stay there. XP I want to dye half of my hair pea green.

  7. After yesterday's show I gooegld in wigston and couldnt find it. The concept of a fall or wig on a handband is the answer to my prayers. Recently I had gone to a wig store and realized I am allergic to the netting that is used on the scalp under the wig. My hair is more than baby fine thin without volume. The funny thing is I'm on a weight reducing program and the only thing I'm losing is my hair. Please, I am in desperate need of learning more about this product you shared with us. You are truly genuine. Ona from East Meadow NY

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