Cute Pumps With Bows On – Kawaii Shoes

I love these cute pumps with bows on them.

Pastel Bow Heels Cute Shoes
(pic SunriseStars)

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12 Responses to Cute Pumps With Bows On – Kawaii Shoes

  1. OMG, I think I'm going to die from kawaii overload. Those are so adorable! I really love the black ones with the pink bow!

  2. Love these!! Absolutely adorable!

  3. Omg they are seriously cute! I'm a total sucker for bow shoes though >_<

  4. Celia.s

    Waw, this shoes are so cute !
    Do you know where we can find a pair ?

  5. Super cute! A pair of these could make any outfit extra kawaii :D Would love to know where to get them.

  6. Anne

    I found these on a French website wich sells some kawaii products. But they don't have the black ones and don't say what brand they're from. I would love to know what brand makes so ADORABLE shoes. u.u

    (yes I'm french sorry if my english is not perfect ^^' )

    Here's the website though :

  7. stephanie

    I really like this shoes. I´m from Argentina. How can i have it?


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