Domo Kun Wallpaper – On My Desktop

On my desktop this week…. A classic Domo Kun wallpaper with Domo Kun talking with a lizard. Right click on the picture to download it. More Domo Kun here: Domo Kun Party LightsHello Kitty ♥ Domo Kun.
Domo Kun wallpaper with Domo Kun talking with a lizard

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20 Responses to Domo Kun Wallpaper – On My Desktop

  1. Jacci

    now on my desktop too.
    thank you :)

  2. I love Domo!

    I made a Domo Cake for my BF's birthday last year –


  3. Domo rulez! I love Domo!! His serie is awesome 2!!

  4. This is totally adorable! Love it! Looks a lot like my little miniature vignettes!

  5. Jessica

    I love this! It's my desktop now too ;D

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  7. Lulii

    I sleep with my Domo every night <3

  8. Tan Han

    domo…i like it..<3

  9. domo ica

    i luv domo kun :)

  10. i love domo domo domo ! XD

  11. AAron

    FOREVER domo!!!!!!!

  12. izza

    i love DOMOKUN 4ever!!!! like3x~

  13. sam

    NOw on my desktop also

  14. on my desktop .. thanks ..!! Awesome .

  15. domo

    i love domo he's mine people and no one is taking him away from mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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