Giant Hello Kitty Pillows

I so want one of these huge Hello Kitty pillow plushies. Here is the Hello Kitty head pillow and her is the even bigger one.


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15 Responses to Giant Hello Kitty Pillows

  1. Wow! These pillows are REALLY big! They look very comfortable and fun!

  2. Oh my gosh!! KAWAII! I showed my hub the pics and he was like,..euh…if we get these i probably move to the couch? :P

  3. I love Kawaii things and this pillow is sooooo Lovely!!!

  4. Oh wow so big! I'd like one! XD

  5. Ah! They're massive lol I want one >_<

  6. Marcie

    this site has really cute plush too!

  7. Hello Kitty Pillows

    Oh… My God, huge hello kitty pillows, very kawaii. i love it very much! <3

  8. Who needs furniture? I could just decorate my living room with giant Hello Kitties!!

  9. Sherbet

    I wanna give a hug!

  10. Madison Moyer

    I was wondering if you have more of the hello kitty nerd nike high tops . Thank you

  11. Shew

    So big HK plushie!!! OMG. I want one for my room. Kekeke :>
    But those pics were so adorable. HK ftw!!

  12. Koi

    I want these pillows! I recently had a dream that I bought about a million of these and practically filled my room with them :>….What is up with my head???

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