Hannari Tofu Cushions From Japan With Love

Need something to snuggle with in the sofa, what better than one of these über cute Hannari Tofu cushions from From Japan With Love. These two are my favvies, one rice and one maneki neko Hannari Tofu cushion. Earlier kawaii cushions and pillows at Hawaii Kawaii: Kawaii Cushions – InteriorRilakkuma Pillows – Cuddely!Kawaii Pillows… zzzZZZZZZ.

White, red and blue Hannari Tofu pillow.White and yellow Hannari Tofu kawaii cushion

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Filed under Bedroom, Interior

8 Responses to Hannari Tofu Cushions From Japan With Love

  1. Aidyl

    Wheeee~ especially the maneki neko one is so cute!!

  2. Jacci

    they look so nice and skwishy!

  3. Aww, they're so cute! I really want the maneki neko one!

  4. Wow! These are adorable! And somehow they got the look of tofu (nice texture)! Love these! :-)

  5. Sanna

    Åh, vilka söta! Men det ser nästan ut som att det är för lite fluff i dem. Jag vill passa på att säga att jag älskar din blogg också, den är så bra! Heja Smultron! :)

  6. Aww so kawaii! I wonder if they're big enough to use like bean bag chairs?

  7. They are so kawaii!!Love it!!

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