Hannari Tofu iPhone Wallpapers

Hannari Tofu is one of my absolute favorite kawaii characters and I have put together a small selection of cute Hannari Tofu iPhone wallpapers for you in green, pink and yellow. Right click to download.

Green Hannari Tofu Iphone Kawaii Wallpaper Pink Hannari Tofu Iphone Kawaii Wallpaper

Yellow Hannari Tofu Iphone Kawaii Wallpaper Yellow Lemon Hannari Tofu Iphone Kawaii Wallpaper

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7 Responses to Hannari Tofu iPhone Wallpapers

  1. Iris

    Really cute; )<3!

  2. Cute little tofu! So sweet! :-)

  3. jacci

    best tofu ever!

  4. sweetest tofu i ever seen, and i love tofu too :P

  5. These are so cute. This isn't the first time I've seen hannari tofu, but when I first did, I completely hadn't known it was a tofu until I found out the name. I really adore the pink one the most.

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