Hats With Ears From BeastWare – Furry And Cute Accessories

Are you looking new hat for the winter? Maybe go for a hat with cute ears from BeastWare… and a tail to go with?
Fox Ears Hat By BeastWareTiger Tail Accessorie KawaiiFurry Hat With Ears Kawaii Accessorie

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6 Responses to Hats With Ears From BeastWare – Furry And Cute Accessories

  1. Iris

    Haha…I don`t know, but them are little bit scary:,D!

  2. tomme

    did you make this stuff or buy it ? if you made it would you be willing to make more ? if you bought it were did you buy it at ?

  3. Hi, Jane! Glad you made it to Hawaii safely! We have a litlte bit of everything planned this weekend-tax prep, egg hunting, church, dinner with my parents and a cookout with my in- laws. My daughter and I just dyed eggs, and she's going to help me make fruit kabobs and a sunflower cake for the cookout Sunday. I love the picture of Mac! Hope that you are able to spend lots of time with him, and have a blessed Easter!Katy

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