Hawaii Kawaii Giveaway At Super Cute Kawaii

I am sponsoring a giveaway that aired today at kawaii blog Super Cute Kawaii. The winner can choose a t-shirt from Hawaii Kawaii t-shirt shop. So hop over to SCK and enter the giveaway right away ♥

A kawaii blog header for Super Cute Kawaii Giveaway

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6 Responses to Hawaii Kawaii Giveaway At Super Cute Kawaii

  1. fie

    Hej! Måste fråga, vilket plugin använder du för att få "You might also like"?

  2. I got up, stretched luxuriously, and then scurried over there as fast as possible! Thanks for the tip!

  3. DeborahMilan

    Cooll !! I love giveaways =D

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