Hawaii Kawaii Meets FluffyGhost In Brighton

I recently tock a tripp over to Brighton, England with my University cource. As I remembered that one of the Hawaii Kawaii friend bloggers, Sadie who rund the blog Fluffyghost, lives near by we decided to meet up for a kawaii blog meeting. We had lunch, drank milkshakes and went shopping. She bought us matching friend bracelets, cute! I look so dull with all black clothes next to her awesome Rilakkuma dress…. and her Hello Kitty tattoo is so awesome! Thank to Sadie I had a great time! Check out the FluffyGhost blog and her Etsy shop!
Hawaii Kawaii Meets Fluffyghost In BrightonFluffyghost Kawaii Blogger In Rilakkuma DressHello Kitty Neck Tattoo Fluffyghost BloggerFluffyghost In Brighton Hello Kitty BraceletFriend Bracelets Hawaii Kawaii And Fluffyghost

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9 Responses to Hawaii Kawaii Meets FluffyGhost In Brighton

  1. sweet! I ♥ to meet other kawaii bloggers

  2. Sweet! Looks like you both had a fun time! :-)

  3. Emily Forrest

    I live near Brighton! I recognise the music shop in the background in the second picture. I love Brighton ♥ ♥ hope you had fun! (^_^)b

  4. Taylala

    I love her dress! Did she say where you could get one of those? ^_^

    Looks like you had a really fun day though!

  5. Candi

    Sadly miss "fluffyghost" has a habit of stealing other people's art and trying to pass it off as her own, and when you ask her about it she claims it is "temporarily borrowing" and deletes your questions.


    The cake was clearly stolen from Kawaii Five O:

    I love Hawaii Kawaii so I thought you should be aware you're promoting a known thief.

  6. Wow I've only seen this now but I would like to bring to anyone's attention of this dated issue that I have in fact had permission from the owner to use the graphic. So I don't understand why this random person is using slanderous allegations against me when they clearly do not know any thing on this matter.

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