Hawaii Kawaii Moving To WordPress

I am moving Hawaii Kawaii to the WordPress platform. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time due to Wordpess' superiority to Blogger (in my opinion :) and now I shall finally practice what I preach. The move will hopfully go quickly but there might be some hours of downtime. The web address will be the same (www.hawaiikawaii.net) so you should not have to change any of your links. As for the design we will just have to see what I make of it….

Hawaii Kawaii Moving To WordPress

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7 Responses to Hawaii Kawaii Moving To WordPress

  1. I got through to see your blog again! Yay! Thanks for the url! :-)

  2. Yay!!! Thanks for your email, good to know these things ♥

  3. Good for you! I started in blogger as well and moved to wordpress and I haven't looked back since!

  4. Are you using WordPress.org or WordPress.com?

    Just curious as im a WordPress user but I don't think I can use plugings. >..<

    • I am now using WordPress.org blog tool with my own hosting. WordPress.com is just like Blogger a fixed blog platform with a limited set of options. Are you thinking of moving?

      • Eventually yes, but for now I need to expand what I already have going.
        I bet it's quite expensive self hosting. But it most be worth it with the all the freedom you get graphically. Are you anygood at CSS then?


  5. It is never easy to move from a static website, or any other platform to WordPress! I have done it a number of times, and I've screwed it up more than once. Right now trying to move a Buddhist site over to WordPress and I'm still not even sure how to do it! Looks like you have it squared away, now what about writing some more posts – I wish you were more active. ;P)

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