Hawaii Kawaii T-Shirt Giveaway Winner!!!

And the winner of the kawaii t-shirt giveaway is….. drumroll….. Katie Gariepy! Congratulations! I will contact you for your adress so that the t-shirt of your choosing can be sent to you. Be sure to check out all the new t-shirt designs at Hawaii Kawaii shop, and the new shop design, you likeee?

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5 Responses to Hawaii Kawaii T-Shirt Giveaway Winner!!!

  1. Hey I'm just seeing this now?! Is it too late? I was never contacted :(

  2. You didn't leave you email address in the winning comment and I didnt find any mail address on your blog so i posted a comment on your blog the 4th of January stating that you won the giveaway. Since you never answerd I drew a new winner.

  3. Hey John,I really like your chertcaars and these colors are great but I'm not a big fan of T shirts with lots of text on, if you are going to extend your range in the future, would you consider creating some designs that have just a character as a graphic statement, with no writing? I think these would work really well and I would definitely buy some.your pal,Brendan

  4. Heey! I'm brazilian and love House. I'd like to have this t-shirt, but I don't know how to buy one! Even if it's only polbisse to get one being in the USA, there's no problem, 'cause I have some relatives who are going to New York in July. Could you, please, help me? Thanks a lot. I really love this website.

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