HbG Hello Kitty Bags – Hello Kitty On Roller Skates

I love these HbG Hello Kitty bags and wallets, but I do not know what HbG stands for. Do any of you know?

HbG Hello Kitty Bags Eichibiji New Sanrio Kawaii bags

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6 Responses to HbG Hello Kitty Bags – Hello Kitty On Roller Skates

  1. Heather Whitehead

    HbG is actually a Japanese name brand which stands for HamburgGirl. :)

  2. jacci

    i like the shiny glitzy pink purse at the bottom :)

  3. kawaiixgal

    OMG!! i looove this wallet!! ˙˘˙

  4. kawaiixgal

    KaWaIi RuLeSSS!! ><

  5. Liaana

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh soooo cute >.< IM CRYING FROMALLTHISCUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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