Hello Kitty Maneki Neko Kawaii Tattoo

A super cute Hello Kitty and Maneki Neko mashup tattoo. Previous Hello Kitty tattoos on Hawaii Kawaii can be seen here: Hello Kitty Tattoo, Hello Kitty Maneki Neko Tattoo, Hello Kitty and Cupcake Tattoo.
A lucky cat tattoo a mashup with Hello Kitty and Maneki Neko.
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10 Responses to Hello Kitty Maneki Neko Kawaii Tattoo

  1. Eeep this is so purrfect! I've been toying with a similar idea but this is such a precious design.

  2. DeborahMilan

    Wow love it !!! Ive been browsing for some tattoo ideas lately cos Im thinking of getting my first one =))

  3. Oooh…nice!! I love it! I'm still in doubt about a Hello Kitty Tattoo or her bow, my bff recently placed the bow, so i'm in a big dillema what to do :P

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