Hello Kitty Necklace Giveaway With Kuma Crafts

Yay, it is giveaway time!!! The fabulous prize is this Hello Kitty necklace from kawaii shop Kuma Crafts, wooaahhh it is so pretty!!!

Hot pink sanrio necklace, pearls.
Cute hello kitty jewelryA sweet bunny necklace

To enter the giveaway just make a comment on this blogpost.

For additional entries = more chanses to win:
1) Go to the Kuma Crafts web shop and choose your favorite item then come back here and post the link as a comment (1 extra entry)
2) Follow the Kuma Crafts blog (1 extra entry)
3) Become a fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages (1 extra entry)
4) Tweet about this giveaway and @kumacrafts (1 extra entry)
5) Write a blog post about this giveaway + Kuma Crafts shop (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to the Kuma Crafts shop) (1 extra entry)

Important: Make a new comment for each one of your entries. I will pick a random winner Thursday 14 April. Good luck kawaii lovers!

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362 Responses to Hello Kitty Necklace Giveaway With Kuma Crafts

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  2. hey, great giveaway! i LOVE hello kitty, of courSe, so id love to win :)

  3. ive also just tweeted about the giveaway @cLare_beaR_

  4. Amanda Starr

    Cuteness, my daughter would love it :)

  5. Amanda Starr

    Favorite item from Kuma Crafts- Kawaii Kitty Holding a cupcake Printed Acrylic Pendant

  6. Amanda Starr

    Fan of the Kuma Crafts blog

  7. Amanda Starr

    Fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages

  8. This is SO cute! ^___^

  9. I tweeted! @queen_of_ashes

  10. My favorite item is the Cute White Pearl Laser Cut Acrylic Layered Bear Pendant with swarovski crystals kawaii – which I actually bought from Kuma Crafts last week. :-)

  11. I'm a fan of Kuma Crafts' blog.

  12. I'm a fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii Facebook pages (as Irit Caspi).

  13. Amber

    So cute! Hope I win!

  14. Amber

    I'm a fan of Kuma Craft blog!

  15. Amber

    I like both of you on Facebook! My FBn ame is Amanda Moore

  16. I am following the kumacrafts blog!

  17. Marisa

    So pretty! ^_^

    ::crosses fingers::

  18. Marisa

    Also liked Hawaii Kawaii on FB (Marisa Reina).

  19. http://www.etsy.com/listing/66360958/hello-kitty-and-elmo-huge-chunky
    This is my favourite item on the website because it has two of my favourite kawaii heroes on it!Hello Kitty and Elmo!Also the red flowers and lacyness plastic is totally adorable :)

  20. I am a fan of the Kuma Crafts and Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages.My name is Kelly Vines :)

  21. Tina Page

    This necklace is so precious!
    trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

  22. Tina Page

    everything in her shop is cute but i guess
    is my favorite.

  23. Sunnychan

    Great giveaway and blog!
    My favourite item
    and tweeted about it too.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  24. The necklace is so cute! I love critters dressed up as other critters, and Hello Kitty dressed up as a bunny is precious!

  25. Tina Page

    i became a gfc follower of kuma crafts blog(cpage2323)

  26. Tina Page

    i follow you both on fb(tina wofford page)

  27. Krystal

    aww that necklace is soooo cute ^_^

  28. Krystal

    I'm a fan of kuma craft blog

  29. Krystal

    I follow both of you on fb
    Krystal B

  30. Nicole C.

    This is just adorable!

  31. Rebecca Graham

    This is gorgeous!

  32. I'm a fan of both of you on facebook.

  33. I'm a fan of the Kuma Crafts blog. :)

  34. My favourite item is the penguin pendant!

  35. DeborahMilan

    I have just become a follower of your suprcute blog =))
    Omg HelloKitty is soooo cutee xx
    I soo wanna win this for daughter .

  36. DeborahMilan

    I just tweeted @kumacrafts too =))))

  37. DeborahMilan

    … aaannnddd Ive just become a follower of the kumacrafts blog =D

  38. DeborahMilan

    …Ive also just become a fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages … I soo wanna win lol

  39. DeborahMilan

    Ive just been to the kuma crafts webshop also .. hard to choose my fave cos evertythings soo sweet but I chose this as something Id love to have http://www.etsy.com/listing/68779005/cupcake-kitty-chunky-lucite-pink-heart

  40. omg such a super duper gorgeous necklace!!! ◕‿◕ ★

  41. Chellsea

    So cute and pink!!! :3

  42. Shannon Baas

    My niece would love this.

  43. Giovana C.

    so cute!

  44. Oooo I'd love to win too! Thanks for the opportunity! :D

  45. Amy

    Hope I win :) This necklace is awesome!

  46. Kannica

    It's so cute! I would definitely wear this.

  47. oh my word, that is so cute :)

  48. kimberley_ve

    so nice!
    count me in please :P

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  50. Such a cute necklace!!!!

  51. omg, by far the cutest giveaway my heart has ever seen!
    this is my favorite item form their shop!

  52. and I followed Kuma Crafts and twitted their giveaway <3 http://twitter.com/savingcapulet

  53. oh so sweet hope i win

  54. Large Swarovski Crystal covered Hello Kitty and Chocolate Bar pendant on a silver beaded chain

  55. GFC follow back

  56. Liza Vladyka face book follows sponsor

  57. Liza Vladyka face book follows you

  58. Cathleen Finch

    I would love to win this cuteness for my precious granddaughter. Mahalo!

  59. Jhitomi

    I am maybe the oldest Hello Kitty fan here! I've loved her since the 70's.
    Jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  60. Brittany

    OMG THAT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  61. Brittany

    my favorite item since my love for Rilakkuma is just as big as my love for Hello Kitty http://www.etsy.com/listing/71695354/korilakkuma-pink-lucite-and-swarovski

  62. Brittany

    tweeted :] http://twitter.com/#!/Chocolitaluv (aorry i couldnt get the post by itself)

  63. Brittany

    I'm a fan on Kuma Crafts Blog

  64. Brittany

    I'm a fan on Kuma Craft and Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages

  65. fave item is Limited Beautiful White Japanese Kokeshi Doll Cameo Pendant and Beaded Necklace Swarovski Pearls and Lucite

  66. follow both fbs under diana dang

  67. Coco

    OMG that is the cutest thing ever!!

  68. Kat F.

    SO cute!! Must have!
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  69. Dara Sheinman


  70. Misty

    Adorable. my daughter would love it!

  71. Misty

    I love the Cute White Pearl Laser Cut Acrylic Layered Bear Pendant with swarovski crystals kawaii

  72. Misty

    follow kuma crafts on blogger.

  73. Misty

    follow kuma crafts on facebook and hawaii kawaii on facebook; misty vanepps

  74. That is too cute! I would love to enter.


  75. I am now following Kuma Crafts Blog via GFC under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

  76. I am now a fan of both Kuma Crafts & Hawaii Kawaii via Facebook under: NICOLE O.

  77. Shasha

    i want it!! so cuteee :p

    enter me :)

  78. Shasha

    my favourite item is Kawaii Blue/Green Sparkly Glitter Laser Cut Acrylic Layered Penguin Pendant with swarovski crystals cute happy japanese anime style

  79. Lauralee

    I stole your button.

  80. va

    honestly , i love the ones with the characters that show expression and don't look sad or bored like this one .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com
    thank you

  81. va

    following kumacrafts with gfc .
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  82. va

    i am now an fb fan of both pages under ana amanti .
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  83. Crystal

    i remember Hello Kitty from the 80's ;)
    Happy April!!

  84. Monik

    I love Adorable white happy kitty laser cut layered acrylic pendant on silver chain with swarovski crystals!!

  85. Monik

    Follow Kuma Crafts blog via GFC as Monik.

  86. Monik

    Like Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages as Monika Lintang Retnani.

  87. Monik

    Tweet about this here.

  88. That is super cute. I'm 20 years old and I love hello kitty :D. I so wear a hello kitty necklace no matter how old I get :P.

  89. My fav item from Kuma Crafts web shop is Kawaii Kitty Holding a cupcake Printed Acrylic Pendant

  90. Kurenai87

    What a lovely necklace,I hope to be lucky :)

  91. Kurenai87

    I like Kumacrafts and HawaiiKawaii on fb (as Sonia Solci)

  92. Kurenai87

    Here's my tweet about the giveaway and kumacrafts:

  93. Yuliya Sh

    So cute necklace!

  94. Yuliya Sh

    fan of the Kuma Crafts blog via GFC as Yuliya Sh

  95. Yuliya Sh

    FB fan of both pages (Yuliya Sh)

  96. Tracy

    Ahh, my daughter would just love this! It is so sweet, and PINK!

  97. I <3 Kuma Crafts' store!

  98. Glo

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Also on my blog you can find a giveaway: http://fata-azzurra.blogspot.com/search/label/aperto

  99. That is SO beautiful!~ I def want 2 win! <3 hello kitty!

  100. I also "like" kuma crafts on facebook (casey colette)

  101. Gayle Williams

    This would make a great gift.

  102. i also "like" Hawaii Kawaii on facebook

    ( http://facebook.com/1caseycolette thats me! )

  103. An

    that necklace is so cute!! pink & pretty!

  104. An

    my favorite from the site is the Large Swarovski Crystal covered Hello Kitty and Chocolate Bar pendant on a silver beaded chain !!!

  105. DeborahMilan

    Heyy I just made a new blogpost about this giveaway here http://purelyme-prettyinpink.blogspot.com/2011/04/very-cute-giveaway.html

  106. Tine

    This necklace is soooooo adorable!!
    I want it I want it I want I want it <3

  107. Shilo Beedy

    It's so beautiful and would love it

  108. Laura

    I like kumacrafts at facebook and I allready liked this page (:

  109. My sweet little cousin LOVES Hello Kitty. I would love to win this for her! Thanks for the contest! :)

  110. Hoa

    Thanks for the giveaway! My daughter would love this.


  111. Hoa

    I love this necklace: http://www.etsy.com/listing/66141051/huge-bling-rilakkuma-cookie-double


  112. Hoa

    Liked Kuma Crafts on FB: Hoa Le


  113. sabina.edwards@gmail.com

    sabina walston edwards fan on both fb pages

  114. Kawaii :3
    Enter me please :)

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  115. omg super love this <3
    Sweet Lolita Hello Kitty and Heart Double Layered Necklace with huge glass pearls swarovski crystals kawaii japanese street fashion

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  116. already following Kuma Crafts blog

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  117. im already a fan of Hawaii Kawaii on FB.
    im now a fan of Kuma Crafts on Fb
    FB name: Jung Rae Woo

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  118. tweet here: http://twitter.com/xanjelix/status/56931929051766784
    followed kuma crafts on twitter too via @xanjelix

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  119. i have like a 1 in a million chance of winning but here goes anyways lol!!!!

  120. Aik

    I love the White Lucite cherry blossom and swarovski crystal sterling silver bracelet and Kawaii Kitty Holding a cupcake Printed Acrylic Pendant.

  121. Aik

    I'm a fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages.

  122. Judith (from Israel)

    My favorite item is the adorable white happy kitty laser cut layered acrylic pendant on silver chain with swarovski crystals.

  123. Judith (from Israel)

    Thanks for the great giveaway. Is it open worldwide?

  124. anne landwehr

    My grandaughters love HELLO KITTY.

  125. Susan M Mason

    I would very much like to win this necklace!!

  126. Athena

    I would love this for my daughter!

  127. Athena

    I like the large Swarovski Crystal covered Hello Kitty and Chocolate Bar pendant on a silver beaded chain

  128. Athena

    follower of the Kuma Crafts blog tinatchick

  129. carrie gorman

    I have loved Hello Kitty since I can remember. Even as an adult I get all giddy when I see her. I'm so glad now I have a daughter who shares in my giddyness LOL I'd love to win this for her

  130. Laurie Penman

    I love the Swarovski crystal Hello Kitty & Chocolate bar pendant on KumaCrafts!

  131. Laurie Penman

    I "Liked" KumaCrafts on Facebook!

  132. Laurie Penman

    I "liked" Hawaii Kawaii on Facebook!

  133. Laurie Penman

    I'm following the KumaCrafts blog

  134. Laurie Penman

    I tweeted this giveaway @IMADEVLSH1

  135. jess

    So cute!
    Also added you on FB. ;)

  136. It's so cute! Thanks for the giveaway! (:
    ejhtan at gmail dot com

  137. I love the Penguin Necklace! (Kawaii Blue/Green Sparkly Glitter Laser Cut Acrylic Layered Penguin Pendant with swarovski crystals cute happy japanese anime style – http://www.etsy.com/listing/62975342/last-one-kawaii-bluegreen-sparkly)
    ejhtan at gmail dot com

  138. Following her blog via gfc (tearyeyedstars)
    ejhtan at gmail dot com

  139. Liked both on fb (Et TheAlien)
    ejhtan at gmail dot com

  140. following Kuma Crafts (@tearyeyedstars)
    and tweeted:
    ejhtan at gmail dot com

  141. Rosemarie Boyd

    I remember hello kitty as a kid but my daughter is Crazy about it now these are so cute

  142. Hello Kitty is one of my favorite characters since I was little! This necklace is so cute! I'd love it

  143. This is the cutest penguin necklace i've ever seen! Def. a favorite from Kumas store :) http://www.etsy.com/listing/62975342/last-one-kawaii-bluegreen-sparkly

  144. Kathleen Mokus

    So awesome, I would love this!

  145. Kathleen Mokus

    I love the Kawaii Kitty Holding a cupcake Printed Acrylic Pendant from Kumacrafts shop!!

  146. Kathleen Mokus

    I follow the Kumacrafts blog!

  147. Kathleen Mokus

    I like Kumacrafts & Hawaii Kawaii on facebook, I'm Kat Rego on facebook.

  148. Alexandra Andrei

    OMG!!! I mean…OMG! It's beyond cute, can't define! I just want it!

  149. Alexandra Andrei

    Following Kuma Crafts via GFC: Alexandra Andrei

  150. Alexandra Andrei

    FB fan of both: Alexandra Andrei

  151. Sophie

    Ahhhhh soooo cute! Liked both facebook pages and follow both on Blogger mmmmmmm x

  152. Debra Hall

    so so very cute thanks for the chance to enter

  153. Leeza

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/50720076/large-swarovski-crystal-covered-hello <— my fave item from your shop:)
    I also followed on blogspot (my name is PinkBarbieMinaj)
    & I became of fan of BOTH Facebook pages (my name on FB is Leeza Cree)

  154. Pamela Stensrud

    My favorite item is : the white happy kitty necklace. Link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62824630/on-sale-adorable-white-happy-kitty-laser

  155. monte

    my kid just seen this and want it so bad

  156. Ari

    This is SO cute! Not only are there sweets but its pink yet black but still cute!


  157. Ari

    Became a fan on fb for both site.
    fb name: Cindy Ma

  158. Ari

    Does becoming a fan for Kuma craft blog mean following them on GFC? If so, I am following them under the name Ari

  159. G

    My 4 yo would adore this!

  160. G

    I follow the Kuma Crafts blog.

  161. OH, my CUTE! I SOOO love this!

  162. I love the Rockstar Hello Kitty necklace! So cute!

  163. I follow both Facebook pages!

  164. Fingers crossed this necklace is so freaking cute!

  165. My favourite item from the shop is Huge Chunky Rilakkuma pink and red floral Lucite Beaded Necklace.

    It's so Kawaii! & i can't resit a good bit of San – X, perfect!

  166. I followed the Kuma Crafts blog. ^___^

  167. Im now a fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages. :]

  168. Shannon Thompson

    love it so pink and pretty


  169. I tweeted. @Fluffyghost

  170. Shannon Thompson

    like Hawaii Kawaii on fb teh doll


  171. Shannon Thompson

    follow you gfc

  172. Angelina

    I would love to show off this necklace!!! :)

  173. nicolerenae

    What a cute necklace! It would be perfect for my almost 6yo!

  174. nicolerenae

    I follow Kuma Crafts on GFC!

  175. My daughter would love this necklace.

  176. my favourite item is the Large Swarovski Crystal covered Hello Kitty and Chocolate Bar pendant on a silver beaded chain

  177. following kuma kraft's blog.. GFC: donna <3 baby

  178. became a fan of kuma kraft's and hawaii kawaii
    fb name: donna meow

  179. Sandy

    My granddaughter would love this!

  180. Aja

    I am a follower of your blog!

  181. Aja

    My favorite item is the kawaii blue/green penguin necklace

  182. Angela Winesburg

    I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

  183. Megan MacLeod

    I'd love to win :D

  184. angelica

    I love Hello Kitty, and this necklace is adorable!

  185. Christina P

    Very adorable necklace! Hope to win!~

  186. Christina P

    My favorite item is this:

    LAST ONE Stunning Lucite Bright Pink Rose Double Strand Bracelet lucite beads swarovski pearls and crystals cute floral japanese lolita style

    What a name! But it lives up to it. It's beautiful! *U*

  187. Christina P

    Followed the Kuma Crafts blog with Google Connect

    paikchristina (at) yahoo dot com

  188. Christina P

    Became a fan of both Facebook pages

    paikchristina (at) yahoo dot com

  189. Danielle

    omg so cute!!!! :: squee ::


  190. Danielle

    fb fan: xferriza2 (Danielle b)


  191. Danielle

    i really love the: Yellow Hello Kitty x Colorful Bunny Large Lucite Swarovski Crystal Pendant/Necklace Kawaii Lolita style



  192. Huge Elegant Classy Hello Kitty Dangle Earrings with Bow and Swarovski Crystals japanese lolita style ; http://www.etsy.com/listing/62847443/huge-elegant-classy-hello-kitty-dangle?ga_search_query=hello%2Bkitty&ga_search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_5935245

    MY FAVE! so so cute :)

    Jess =]

  193. Amber D.

    My DD loves Hello Kitty! I want to win this for her : )

  194. vickie

    I'd love to surprise my daughter with this!!

  195. Barb K.

    Looks so nice. My family and I are big fans of Hello Kitty. Good giveaway.

  196. amy d

    my daughter would love this for her birthday coming up on easter

  197. Sarah Matos

    My daughter loves Hello Kitty, this would be perfect for her.

  198. Sarah Matos

    GFC Follower
    Sarah Matos

  199. jessica edwards

    It would be a great birthday gift for my best friend!

  200. Mia J

    My daughter would so love this for her birthday.

  201. I want to win,I love Hello Kitty

  202. jc

    If you're not a Hello Kittyholic this giveaway would change your opinion forever! Too cute for words!

  203. cristina

    That's a cute necklace and the pendant is big. I love to win this giveaway.


  204. my daughter will be happy if i win this

  205. i like Purple acrylic carved rose bead and swarovski pearl and crystal bracelet

  206. gustosa giveaways following kuma blog

  207. gustosa giveaways following both fb account

  208. jess

    I also follow the Kuma craft blog :)

  209. jess

    oh, and yes, I o want to win ;D I would go so good with an aoutfit I'm making atm. It has cupcakes and cherries on it. :D

  210. Lyudmila

    Like the Limited edition OM NOM NOM Kitty Cameo Pink Pendant/Necklace with swarovski crystals and lucite beads kawaii japanese anime lolita style

  211. Lyudmila

    Follow the Kuma Crafts blog =Lyudmila

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  213. Lyudmila

    I am a fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages=Lyudmila Sizova

  214. ligata

    I like the Rilakkuma covered with patches kawaii blue Lucite and glass bead necklace/pendant with Swarovski crystal and pearls!

  215. Caterina

    Thanks for opportunity
    email maison-@hotmail.it

  216. Caterina

    I'm follower Kuma Crafts blog
    nick google friends catymariposina
    email maison-@hotmail.it

  217. susan smoaks

    i love hello kitty!

  218. susan smoaks

    i really like the Super Happy Macaron Time Kitty Cameo Pendant/Necklace with swarovski pearls and crystals kawaii japanese anime style

  219. My daughter is CRAZY about Hello Kitty. Necklace is really cute!

  220. Caterina

    I like on facebook
    Name caterina luci
    email maison-@hotmail.it

  221. Chani

    I love this. I adore kawaii and I collect HK, Sylvanians and Re-Ment like crazy :)

  222. Chani

    Love the sugarbunny bracelets <3

  223. Roxann

    This is so adorable. I'd love to win.

  224. Soooo cute! I might die if I don't win. (:

  225. Kat Emerick

    This would be nice for my granddaughters birthday.

  226. Kat Emerick

    The Cute Purple Hello Kitty in Bear Costume Charm Bracelet with lucite and swarovski crystals and pearls japanese lolita style is just adorable!

  227. Everything in the shop is so cute, I think I like the Hello Kitty necklace that is being given away the best. But this is also too cute:

  228. pittsy82@hotmail.com

    My daughter would totally love this!

  229. Marc-Andre Taillefer

    i soooo want to win!!!

  230. pittsy82@hotmail.com

    I follow Kuma Crafts blog via google connect

  231. Count me in! :)

    so.kitsch at gmail dot com

  232. Following Kuma Crafts via GFC as Ingrid.

  233. I like both your FB pages as Andreia Sousa

  234. Cassie

    My daughter would love this!

  235. Diane Baum

    Very cute necklace

  236. Brittany Rebello

    i like the cupcake kitty necklace

  237. Emily R.

    So cute! Love it :)

  238. Morgan C.

    I love Hello Kitty =^.^= The necklace is so cute

  239. Morgan C.

    I like the Pink Lucite cherry blossom and swarovski crystal sterling silver bracelet

  240. Morgan C.

    I liked Kuma Crafts and Hawaii Kawaii on facebook

  241. Morgan C.

    I am now following Kuma Crafts ^^

  242. Sand

    What a lovely necklace!

  243. Veronica Garrett

    My daughter would this beautiful necklace.

  244. Gianna

    My daughter would love this :)

  245. Gianna

    Now following Kuma Crafts – Kawaii Jewelry and Accessories GFC.

  246. Gianna

    Super Happy Penguin Chunky Pendant Beaded Necklace on Organza Ribbon with swarovski crystals and carved rose lucite beads.

  247. Abby C.

    This is such an adorable necklace I would love to win!

  248. Lumos

    Oh my, i Love Hello Kitty!

  249. cindy

    awesome giveaway, my daughter loves hello kitty

  250. Megan

    Ah so cute! I have dear friend that would love that!

  251. tina reynolds

    thanks for the chance I want win this for my daughter eaglesforjack@gmail.com

  252. tina reynolds

    became a fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages (mrstinareynolds) eaglesforjack@gmail.com

  253. tina reynolds

    Follow the Kuma Crafts blog

  254. Woah, so kawaii indeed! Really want to win this for my little sister in law! She'd love this so much. :)
    ninajoleisa at gmail dot com

  255. I looked around Kumacrafts store and my favorite item is def. the "Huge Chunky Silver Miracle Bead Choker/necklace with swarovski crystal beads elegant classy lolita barbie japanese style"!
    ninajoleisa at gmail dot com

  256. I follow Kuma Crafts blog via GFC!
    ninajoleisa at gmail dot com

  257. Tiziana

    Seguo ) Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii su facebook come Tiziana Avino ^^

  258. Tiziana

    Seguo su twitter come Tizy_Scanu ^^

  259. Clare Tea

    oh! i finally get to enter one of these.

  260. Clare Tea

    following both on twitter @icitea

  261. Clare Tea

    gfc follower of their blog

  262. Tara-Danice


  263. verdiana

    I Follow the Kuma Crafts blog

    EMAIL: verpaco18w@hotmail.it

  264. verdiana

    I AM fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages

    EMAIL: verpaco18w@hotmail.it

  265. Brian Whaley

    My daughter loves Hello Kitty. This would be awesome.

  266. handonia

    my niece would adore this

  267. Dena Gillies

    beautiful necklace. good luck to all :0)

  268. rohit

    wow, it looks so cute.
    For tattoo picture Ideas visit my Tattoo blog.

  269. debi

    this is adorable

  270. Raney

    Cute cute cute!

  271. Anita Consoli

    Hi! Please enter me ^^ I like this item (Rilakkuma strawberry costume Lucite and glass bead necklace/pendant with swarovski pearls and crystals) http://www.etsy.com/listing/61216898/rilakkuma-strawberry-costume-lucite-and
    Anita Consoli

  272. Anita Consoli

    2) I followed Kuma Crafts blog
    Anita Consoli

  273. Anita Consoli

    3) I'm Kuma Crafts' and Hawaii Kawaii's follower via Facebook
    Anita Consoli

  274. Anita Consoli

    4) I shared this giveaway on my Fb's profile (Anita Consoli)
    Anita Consoli

  275. My favourite item is "Korilakkuma Pink Lucite and Swarovski Crystal Double stranded bracelet Japanese Harajuku Street Fashion" http://www.etsy.com/listing/71695354/korilakkuma-pink-lucite-and-swarovski

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  277. Helena

    I love hello kitty :D

  278. kimberly velkovski

    these are cute, love hello kitty

  279. kimberly velkovski

    Become a fan of the Kuma Crafts and the Hawaii Kawaii facebook pages

    i am a fan!

  280. Holly

    Soooo cute! I love it!

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  284. cuty

    aww so cute i cant wait until christmas for it ^-^

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