Hello Kitty Pumps Giveaway With Twenty10Footwear

It is giveaway time! The amazing prize is a pair of Hello Kitty pumps worth $95 from Hello Kitty shoe experts Twenty10Footwear. I am so in love with these Hello Kitty heels and the pattern with the red hearts are simply show stopping. They will make one very lucky winner!

Hello Kitty Heels Pumps Red Hearts Kawaii Shoes Sanrio Kawaii Giveaway2Hello Kitty Heels Pumps Red Hearts Kawaii Shoes Sanrio

To enter the giveaway just become a fan of Twenty10Footwear and make a comment on this blogpost telling us that you did so.

For additional entries = more chanses to win:
1) Follow @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter. (1 extra entry)
2) Tweet a link to this giveaway and @Twenty10Ftwr (1 extra entry)
3) Write a blog post about this giveaway + Twenty10Footwear (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to the Twenty10Footwear FB page) (1 extra entry)

Important: Make a new comment for each one of your entries. The giveaway ends Monday November 28. Good luck shoe addicts!

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223 Responses to Hello Kitty Pumps Giveaway With Twenty10Footwear

  1. Taylala

    I've become a fan! Taylalatbh
    And twitter @taylalatbh and I tweeted!
    I love these shoes!

  2. I am a fan of Twenty10Footwear :)

  3. Christine

    Those are AWESOME!!!! Definitely am a new fan of Twenty10Footwear :D

  4. followed @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter

  5. Diana Black

    i'm a fan… and, um, yes pls!!! :D

  6. Kitsora

    Eeeep I'm a fan <3

  7. Tine

    I'm surprised I wasn't a fan before :o
    But I'm def a fan now!
    Hello Kitty <3

  8. SO PRETTY! I think I might pass out!
    I am a fan of their facebook page!
    Enter me! C:

  9. Yukiko

    oh my! <3
    Liked on FB.
    I have to have thoes!

  10. I follow twenty10 on twitter

  11. Stephanie T.

    Became a fan on Facebook (Stephanie Rene Taylor) and posted about it on http://www.tumblr.com/blog/steph44

  12. OMG! these are so cute! keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the win.. lol

  13. These shoes are gorgeous! I've become a fan :)

  14. and I'm following on Twitter @sarahsaarcasm!

  15. Jessica Hall

    I liked there page. love this giveaway good luck to all~

  16. Very Nice Shoes!!! Love them!!

    + Like FB Page
    + Follow Twenty10Ftwr
    (I was already following Hawaii Kawaii !)

  17. And Share post on Facebook
    + Retweeted ! @PrincessChaby

    So Kawaiiiiii ^o^

  18. Emily Forrest

    Became a fan of Twenty10 Footwear on FB xx

  19. Emily Forrest

    Followed Twenty10 Footwear on Twitter xx

  20. Emily Forrest

    Tweeted a link to the giveaway and Twenty10 Footwear xx

  21. Emily Forrest

    Wrote a blog post about the giveaway with links to this post and Twenty10 Footwear xx


    I LOVE THESE SHOES!! (^_^)b

  22. allison

    I became a fan!!!!!

  23. cyndie

    OH! I'm a fan!

  24. I'm now a fan of Twenty10Footwear!
    I really looooove the shoes! <3

  25. I was already a fan on facebook :D

  26. I followed them on twitter. Here's my username: pinaygwaps

  27. I've done a blogpost about this giveaway in my blog that you can find on this link: http://lillinneas.blogg.se/2011/november/utkast-nov-14-2011.html

    I would be so happy if I won!

  28. sal

    I am a fan and would love to win those absolutely gorgeous shoes woooo :)

  29. gissela alvarez

    already a fan a big fan !!!!!!

  30. Iulia

    - Fan of Twenty10Footwear [✓] Check!

  31. Sarah

    I absolutely LOVE these shoes!!! I've been a fan on Facebook for months, eagerly awaiting the release of this shoe line!

  32. - Follow @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter [✓] Check!

  33. - Tweet a link to this giveaway and @Twenty10Ftwr [✓] Check!

  34. Toria Heath

    I liked them on facebook :D

  35. Kavitakumari Solanki

    Like the FB page of Twenty10 Footware, started following @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter, also tweeted about the blog and Twenty10 Footware

  36. Kavitakumari Solanki

    I so want these!!! Already tweeted about it!!!

  37. Jamie Ferraioli

    liked Twenty10Footwear on Facebook!

  38. Jamie Ferraioli

    followed on twitter @magicbeanbuyer

  39. Jenna

    I am a fan on facebook!!

  40. Lorie

    A fan! Love the shoes.

  41. marie

    pretty a wsome contest and pumps

  42. laura varley

    Followed on twitter!

  43. laura varley

    Tweeted with a link to the giveaway x

  44. Too too too cute! I'm a new fan of Twenty10Footwear on FB as Saoirse S. Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I follow Twenty10Footwear on Twitter as SalemMomma!

  46. Shannon Thompson

    like them on fb
    Teh Doll

  47. Shannon Thompson


    Sha t

  48. Meghan T.

    I became a fan on FB! Love the shoes!!!!

  49. Meghan T.

    Following on Twitter!

  50. Meghan T.

    And I re-tweeted!

  51. Jeera Msd

    Liked on facebook!

  52. Jeera Msd

    Followed on Twitter!

  53. ZatZ

    Im a fan on Facebook – Zathy Mudasser

  54. ZatZ

    Followed Twenty10 on Twitter- @ZathyM

  55. Jeera Msd

    Twitted a link to this giveaway and to Twenty10Ftwr!
    My Twitter is JeeraMsd ^^

  56. gustosa giveaways following twenty10 footwear on fb

  57. @gustosagiveaway following @Twenty10Ftwr on twitter

  58. kimberly velkovski

    I am a fan of Twenty10 Footwear

  59. kimberly velkovski

    following on twitter

  60. Liked the page on FB! Cutest shoes ever!

  61. Also, following on twitter now. SHOES!

  62. Cynthia

    I love these heels! I am now a fan and followed and rt on twitter.

  63. i just shared on facebook.

  64. I like Twenty10 Footwear on FB as Francesca Giveaway :)

    francivusk at hotmail dot it

  65. Liked the fanpage, followed on twitter, and will tweet about giveaway in about 2.5 sec. SUCH cute shoes! Love that they are the real deal too.

  66. Such cute shoes :O
    I became a fan of their on Facebook, my name on their is Sami Spoon Thornton for you to be able to check :D

  67. Became a fan on Facebook (as Irit C.).

  68. I follow @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter (as @maliciouscandy).

  69. ahhhh!!! i want those heels <33 so cute
    i became a fan and followed :DDD

  70. Javelinda

    I did! I did!

  71. tori lesher

    I liked the page.

  72. Ana

    I'm a fan of Twenty10Footwear .
    My facebook is Anika Balboa.

  73. I'm following @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter
    My Twitter: @Greeneyes0991 (Anika Balboa)

  74. Kirsty Fox

    I have liked them on Facebook – Kirsty Fox

  75. I actually deactivated my facebook but I activated again just to like xD

  76. Amber S.

    I am a fan of Twenty10Footwear and I would love a pair of kitty pumps!

  77. marie

    wooo hu cool hello kitty contest

  78. Louise

    I became a fan on fb :)

    Follwing on twitter

  79. Ally Asphyxia

    I am now following on facebook

  80. Ally Asphyxia

    I am now following on twitter

  81. Ally Asphyxia

    an i even tweeted it!

  82. Sadie

    follow on twitter x3

  83. I am now a huge fan of twenty10Footwear on FB!!!! Love those shoes.

  84. Sadie

    And tweeted about this giveaway!

  85. I'm also following Twenty10 Footwear on Twitter

  86. I liked Twenty10Footwear's FB Page.

  87. I follow @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter (@mumiavadasz).

  88. Wow! Like dipping your toes into a pool of Kawaii!
    I just became a 'fan' of Twenty10Footwear on Facebook :D

  89. I've tweeted about the giveaway (@mumiavadasz).

  90. I am now stalking ahem – following @Twenty10FTWR on Twitter :D

  91. Tweet tweet – now all my followers know about the @Twenty10FTWR giveaway I tweeted it out:

  92. Tweeted about this amazing contest @SpookySweets

  93. Arisbette Lara

    Oh my…I love all your shoes!! Became a fan of Twenty10 on Facebook!!

  94. Mar

    I had to like Twenty10Footwear! these are GENIUS!

  95. Liked on Facebook as Miranda D.! and following on Twitter as @panduhmonium! :D

  96. I liked Twenty10Footwear's FB Page.

  97. I follow @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter (@zombieyanos)

  98. I've tweeted about the giveaway (@zombieyanos)

  99. Beckeh

    I followed them too!

  100. Beckeh

    Whilst I was at it I tweeted the link :D

  101. i like this..<: can buy????

  102. Nessa

    I entered and i really hope i win! i am a Hello Kitty fanatic and i collect all things i can :)

  103. Kat

    liked the fb page and tweeted :)

  104. kara hale

    I became a fan! I love this shoes!

  105. Kashmir Flint

    Liked :D

  106. Kashmir Flint

    Following :)

  107. Kashmir Flint

    And tweeted :3
    Really nice shoes :)

  108. Ashley leary

    I liked on Facebook: Ashley Leary

  109. Ashley leary

    I'm following on twitter: @ash_Leary

  110. ashley

    let the records show that ashy commented on this post :3

  111. ashley

    1) Follow @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter. (1 extra entry) Done :)

  112. ashley

    2) Tweet a link to this giveaway and @Twenty10Ftwr (1 extra entry) DONE :)

  113. ashley

    3) Write a blog post about this giveaway + Twenty10Footwear (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to the Twenty10Footwear FB page) (1 extra entry) DONE :)

  114. Hope Gold

    Tweeted, Liked and Commented – do you think I want to win these shoes – can't wait for all of them to go on sale!

  115. I am a fan of Twenty10Footwear ^_______<

  116. I follow twenty10 on twitter ^.^

  117. OMG, I can haz? I'm twitter following you too! @SoooGoodStudios

  118. fan fan fan !!!
    @piktorama ^_^

  119. Shannon Stephens

    I am now a fan of twenty10footwear on Facebook. :)

  120. Shannon Stephens

    Following Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter.

  121. Rosemary

    Facebook fan. I am, I am! :)

  122. Shannon Stephens

    I even tweeted a link to this giveaway! =^..^=



  123. Laura

    Omg I want the shoes =/

  124. I liked it on facebook (Amanda Flanigan)

  125. Followed on Twitter (@ZombieKitty)

  126. Lucy Lawrence

    Liked and shared on facebook….fantastic shoes

  127. Jenell McCall

    Super CUTE! I'm in love.

  128. Jenell McCall

    Oops! Forgot to mention – I "liked" you on facebook! ;o)

  129. Vashti McMurray

    I'm a fan of twenty10 footwear on fb.

  130. Vashti McMurray

    I follow @Twenty10Ftwr on twitter as @mamahunfy

  131. Elizabeth Owens

    I like Twenty10 on Facebook!

  132. Elizabeth Owens

    I am following the sponsor on Twitter@ladies_lounge7

  133. Paula Lee

    I'm a facebook fan :)

  134. Arra Morta

    followed the sponsor on twitter: NakedArra

  135. fatema

    i am a fan on fb
    fb name: zaara khan

  136. fatema

    twitter name: @mclasb

  137. Laura

    I liked on Facebook!

  138. Laura

    I'm following on Twitter!

  139. Cybelle Oliveira

    I'm FB fan

  140. Alta Infante

    Followed Twenty10 footwear on FB.

    FB name: Aletha Jane Infante

  141. Alta Infante

    Followed @Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter


  142. Hope Gold

    Liked and Tweeted – I MUST have these shoes:-)

  143. I follow @Twenty10, my twitter is @powerhousenino ^_^

  144. I am a fan of Twenty10 Footwear on facebook, my facebook name is Emily Quisberth ^^

  145. Natalie

    Loving this giveaway its super cute!!

    I am a fan of Twenty10 Footwear on Facebook!! My facebook name Natalie Cowdell


  146. Natalie

    Twitter Follower: NatalieCowdell

    I adore this giveaway!!! xxx

  147. Vyvy Pham

    I liked Twenty10footwear on facebook! facebook name: Vyvy Pham

  148. Vyvy Pham

    I followed Twenty10footwear on twitter!
    twitter username: MzVyvy

  149. Gayathri

    OMG!!!!!! These are so pretty. And I'm a fan in Facebook :)

  150. Nirmani

    I'm a follower and I LOVE these shoes.

  151. kayla

    i liked your fb page
    I followed you -DaAznChick
    Tweeted ;]

  152. I am a fan of Twenty10Footwear on facebook

  153. Christina Paik

    I became a fan of Twenty10 Footwear on Facebook under this same name :)

  154. Christina Paik

    I am now following Twenty10Ftwr on Twitter under the twitter name laxgirl_19150


  155. Christina Paik

    I tweeted about the giveaway under laxgirl_19150 and @Twenty10Ftwr here:


  156. Christina Paik

    I blogged about this giveaway and linked both back to this page and to Twenty10 Footwear.

    The post is here:


  157. Yasmin

    I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. I became a fan of Twenty10Footwear!

  159. Followed on Twitter! (@QuackedPlush)

  160. Jax

    I have become a fan & tweeted as well…goodluck everyone!

  161. va

    fb fan / ana amanti
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  162. Louise

    Didn't realise until now that you had to leave a separate comment for each entry, silly me >.<!

    Follwing on twitter

  163. Pinky Simmons

    I have so many outfits that would work with these shoes!!! I posted this contest and your website on my facebook!!!! I am definitely a FB FAN!!!!

  164. Gisell

    I am a fan of Twenty10Footwear in facebook :]
    I really love this Hello Kitty shoes very much.

  165. Gisell

    Just showed the world some kawaii love!

    Tweeted too!! https://twitter.com/#!/Gisell2920

  166. Kari

    OMG I love these so much!!!!

  167. Kari

    and I liked twenty10!

  168. Gisell

    I, Gisell Marrugo just blogged about this. PLEASE pleasee enter me
    i love hello kitty so much i want to win! ♥


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