Ice Cream Cone Lamps – Cute Interior

What a fun set of lamps, they are made by Mixko and can be bought here.

Ice Cream Cone Lamp Lights

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9 Responses to Ice Cream Cone Lamps – Cute Interior

  1. Iris

    Hihi, how cute<3!

  2. I LOVE these icecream cone lamps–super fun!

  3. Wow, never saw lamps like this, cute!

  4. samantha olender

    where can you buy this amazing creation???

  5. Mouse Toumpe

    I have an icecream shop in Crete. The lamps are creat

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  7. Elizabeth Stanley batista Moura

    Qual valor dessa luminária em forma de casquinha de sorvete

  8. Karen

    I am trying to boost up my Ice Cream shop with great ideas. I love these lights, where can I get them?

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