Ice Cream Pumps – Kawaii Shoes

Woaahh, they are so much fun. I absolutely want a pair of ice cream shoes!
Kawaii Ice Cream Pumps With Cream And Cherry
(pic source)

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12 Responses to Ice Cream Pumps – Kawaii Shoes

  1. oh my gosh!! They are delicious :P I'm gonna repost it if you don't mind ;)

  2. Iris

    Wow, super cute! I want a pair too<3!

  3. The most adorable shoes, ever!!!!

  4. So cute! Kinda katy-perry-ish!

  5. Haha these are amazing! :D
    I agree with Acha, I could see Katy Perry wearing these

  6. Cat

    Totally Katy Perry – check this out

  7. samantha olender

    OH MY GOD can someone PLEASE tell me where to buy these????:D

  8. poppydolly091

    These are my dream shoes!!!!!

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