Japanese Kawaii Candy From Tofu Cute

Check out Tofu Cute's selection of Japanese kawaii snacks, yum!

Panda snacks.
Panda Kawaii Cookies From Japan

Purple grape cotton candy.
Watapachi Grape Cotton Candy Snack Japanese Kawaii Candy

Cupcake cone sticks.
Caplico Stick Japanese Candy Kawaii Sweets

Hello Kitty Pocky Sticks.
Pocky Sticks Hello Kitty Japanese Snacks

Chocolate candy cones.
Kawaii Candy Japanese Sweet Crackers

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6 Responses to Japanese Kawaii Candy From Tofu Cute

  1. Miriam

    I ♥ Japan!!!!! :)

    You're blog is so cute and funny…Congratulations!!!!

    A kiss from "The Music Box"…♥

  2. I'm so sorry…I'm confused…♥

  3. I love the panda snacks. They are just too kawaii!

  4. They even have the cutest food!!!!

  5. Rachel

    So kawaii! I ♥ Japan

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