Kawaii Blogger Portraits By Maqaroon

The designer Joanna Zhou (love her work) behind the brand Maqaroon has been doing kawaii portraits of her favourite bloggers. She does one new portrait every week and I just found out that the most recent portrait is of me….. wiiiiii! Thank you ♥ Joanna I am SO flattered! I feel like it is raining glittery stars around me. What a perfect day! Don't forget to check out the Maqaroon shop for some super cute stuff!
Maqaroon Hawaii Kawaii Blog Portrait Kawaii Design Blog

Maqaroon Portrait Hawaii Kawaii Design By Joanna Zhou

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6 Responses to Kawaii Blogger Portraits By Maqaroon

  1. Iris

    Ohh, how cute little friends!?^^

  2. Adorable! what a lovely idea! 。◕‿◕。

  3. Wow this is so awesome! :D

  4. kimi

    so super adorable!!

  5. Hello , would you make a girl dressed as a unicorn … but first send to my e -mail , of course if possible! Thank you!

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