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I want to be more active in supporting the cute blogging community and therfor I will do features of my fellow kawaii bloggers more frequently. Starting with… Chunkylishios! The kawaii blog Chunkylishious is written by Dutch girl Maleikie she is a lover of all thing cute and a self proclaimed shopoholic. Her blog features everything kawaii from Hello Kitty to cute food stuff check it out here. Chunkylishious kawaii blog

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6 Responses to Kawaii Blogs – Chunkylicious

  1. An

    hey dear, just wanted to inform you that i picked you as one of the bloggers to win some blog awards! check out my blog to see your name =)

    Love, An

  2. i spent like hours trying to find cute fantastic blogs, which hard since google has this clicky hierarchy ~.~
    totally <3 your choosing!

  3. Emily Forrest

    Hi! I would love it if you would feature my Kawaii Blog – http://www.mykawaiispace.com – It is a celebration of all things Kawaii with some of my own photography mixed in (*^_^*) xx

  4. Thank you dear!!!!!!! XoXo =^0^=

  5. Wow I absolutely love your blog :D Helps me out when I want to find kawaii things >.< I also found this awesome site http://www.somethingkawaii.com I Think that you?ll love it :P

  6. athena

    i love kawaii too. check it out at http://www.athenatria.com thanks.

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